Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of eyelids edges. The reasons of blepharitis are various. Demodex can strike eyelids edges. In 80% of people demodex lives on skin, in sebaceous glands, follicles of hair. When immunity weakens because of overwork, frigorism or infection demodex is activated, quickly breeds on skin of blepharons causing a demodex blepharitis.

There is an allergic blepharitis in people to a hyper sensibility to some allergens (flower pollen, cosmetics). Usually it is complicated by a conjunctiva inflammation (mucosa of eyes). The blepharitis sometimes accompanies diabetes and diseases of the digestive system; it quite often arises in the far-sighted people who do not wear glasses. Muscles of eyes strain, get tired, the person rubs eyes with arms and infects eyes.

The disease begins of reddening and swelling of blepharons skin, itches, eyelashes fall out. It is dangerous if eyelashes start growing in cornea direction and scratch it. Eyes quickly get tired, water, sensitive to irritants. At severe course of blepharitis on the blepharon edge crusts are formed; after its falling off bleeding ulcers are revealed. The tissue cicatrizes, in some places is thickened, eyelashes grow incorrectly.

It is important to reveal and eliminate the blepharitis cause. Thorough hygiene of blepharons is necessary. The discharge and crusts delete with wet cotton lotion. Rough crusts at first are softened with wet lotion. Then the ointment containing an antibiotic and corticosteroid hormone is applied on eyelid edge. At conjunctivitis eye drops with antibiotics are instilled (gentamycin is preferable). If the blepharitis is caused by demodex, it is important before going to bed to grease eyelids edges with ointment; it breaks vital activity of demodex.