Blepharon Abscess

One of the most dangerous eye diseases is abscess of a blepharon, which is a purulent inflammation of its tissues with formation of the cavity filled with pus.

Bacteria become the reason; first place among them is won by a staphylococcus. Abscess of a blepharon can arise against purulent inflammatory processes in face and head – furunculosis, ulcerative blepharitis, and sinusitis. Infections with availability of originators in blood can be also complicated by abscessing.

Eyes are among the major organs, and even their insignificant damages are fraught with serious consequences. At suspicion on blepharon abscess it is necessary to apply to the ophthalmologist immediately.

The signs of abscess development are: red, edematous blepharon which lost ability to move (is usually in semi closed position); warm skin and conjunctiva which is gradually getting a yellowish shade; pain (strongly marked) in blepharon, eye and even all head area. Symptoms grow for a long time and cruelly.

Abscess in eye is dangerous because it is close to brain. There can be a blood poisoning (sepsis). A purulent inflammation is impossible to squeeze out; blepharon abscess should be treated at hospital.

In some days abscess can spontaneously burst. The yellowish head bursts and pus comes to light. But it comes out not completely, and it is forbidden to squeeze out the residue. Therefore at spontaneous opening it is also necessary to apply to the doctor.

At the conditions of the sterile operating room a blepharon is lanced, pus removed, formed cavity washed out. Procedure lasts about ten minutes. Then antibiotics (usually intramuscularly) are prescribed to the patient. The autohema therapy can be prescribed (venous blood of the patient is injected into his buttock). It stimulates immunity well.