Coloboma is a congenital or acquired defect of one of eye parts, its deformation, partial or total absence. Depending on place of damage there is an iris, choroid, lens, ciliary body, optic nerve, upper or lower eyelid coloboma. The illness symptomatology also depends on it.

An iris coloboma is shown by “dazzle”. It is not blindness. The patient keeps his vision, however the ability of the eye to limit the quantity of light is broken. Mesh glasses or darkened contact lenses transparent in the center are applied for treatment. At significant defects the iris is sutured.

In case of coloboma of ciliary body accommodation is broken. The patient complains of the complicated perception of close located objects.

At coloboma of ciliary body the vascular cover is damaged. It breaks retina supply. The part of retina doesn’t perceive the image, there is a site missing. The coloboma of optic nerve is clinically similar to choroid coloboma. Both diseases are still considerably not curable.

The lens coloboma is similar to astigmatism on symptoms, some areas of lens have various light refraction. Significant coloboma of lens is cured with replacement by the artificial lens.

At a coloboma of blepharon vision remains unchanged. Weakening of cornea humidification with lacrimal liquid is possible. The patient complains also of essential cosmetic defect. The coloboma of blepharon is eliminated by means of surgery.