Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of conjunctiva, the mucosa covering front area of eyeball (up to cornea) and internal surface of blepharons.

The conjunctivitis can arise at bacterial or viral infection, and funguses lesion. If the person rubs eyes with dirty arms or swims in muddy reservoir, infection is very probable. Viruses can get into eyes also through blood (flu, measles, chicken pox).

The allergic conjunctivitis arises at irritation of sensitive organism with flower pollen or other substance.

Conjunctivitis can be caused with ultra-violet radiation. Non-observance of rules of handling with contact lenses, frigorism, eyestrain, vitamin deficiency belongs to other causes of disease.

The acute conjunctivitis arises suddenly, proceeds roughly. Fine vascular vessels extend and burst, eye reddens, eyelids swell; there is a discharge (slimy or purulent). The patient is disturbed by pains, burning sensation in the eye as if there is sand in it. Tears, sometimes pus flow, light sensitivity increases. Quite often from one eye illness passes to the second.

The chronic conjunctivitis develops gradually, torpid and usually affects at once both eyes. It is caused with long smoke, dust, chemicals effect. Also the disease arises at vitamins deficiency, chronic nose lesions. The chronic conjunctivitis is characterized by itch, burning sensation, photophobia, and fatigue of eyes.

At pus discharge eyelids stick together. For softening of sticky substance e eye should be washed out with warm infusion of chamomile (two teaspoons are infused with boiling water, brew 5 minutes). It is not necessary to apply bandage on eye.