Diagnosis Of Diseases

Diagnosis of any disease is always the first step to healing the sick. Particularly acute question diagnostic worth in the case of diseases of the eye, because the vision – one of the five essential human senses. At the same time, we emphasize that the earlier will be diagnosed with one or another disease of the eye, the more effective will be measures to cure the disease. Particularly important because diagnosis of the disease is in the early stages, while still reversible effects.
Diagnosis of eye diseases is carried out by an ophthalmologist in a special equipped ophthalmic devices and appliances cabinet.
Additional studies conducted by the doctor to determine the type and extent of the disease, as follow:

- Visual acuity of human (analyzed in two ways. First way visometry – the patient should see a table with letters, numbers, or other images that are at a distance, and name objects, which would indicate a doctor. In case of a medical impairment, the procedure repeated use of special medical frames and lenses. possible to use another method, it – computer diagnostics.)
- Tonometry (measurement of intraocular pressure, certainly for people over 40 in relation to the risk of glaucoma);
- Ophthalmoscopy (fundus examination);
- Biomicroscopy (the study of the anterior segment of the eye helps to consider the multiplication of the tissues such as the conjunctiva and cornea, and the lens, the iris);
- Perimetry (determination of the severity of peripheral vision person);
- Study of color vision (carried out using tables Rabkin, aims to diagnose different types of color blindness).