Emergency Care In Diseases Of View

Emergency care in diseases of view is designed to save the patient from blindness, and possible complications of an existing violation. However, it should be noted that such assistance for various types of visual impairment also differs. Consider emergency response procedures for common pathologies of vision.
So, the most common violation of the organ of vision, in which a third party may need help eyewitness problem that has no professional education, is the injury of the eye. This may be getting a foreign body on the cornea or under the eyelid eyes, all kinds of eye injury.

If blurred vision caused by mechanical damage to the organs of view, the first step in helping the patient become inspection eyes and eyelids. In case of eye foreign matter (dust, grit, scale) should carefully examine the surface of the cornea or the inside of the eyelid. Assessing the risk of interference, if possible, you should get a foreign object with cotton wound on a special match or a cotton swab dipped in cool boiled water. When an object is removed safely, eye disinfectants recommended drip drops for the eyes. After the procedure the patient on the injured area of ​​the eye impose a sterile bandage. Subsequently, the patient must be accompanied in the ophthalmology department of the hospital.
If a foreign object could not remove, or the patient has superficial or penetrating eye injury, it is also bandage and transported in ophthalmology, does not pre-treating the eye.