Myopia (myopia) is a widespread visual impairment. The person sees well close located subjects, poorly located in distance. Every third person has short-sightedness. Usually illness appears in children of 7-15 years, then is aggravated or remains at the former level.

Myopia is usually aggravated with:

- weakening of eye muscles;

- excessive load on eyes;

- genetic predisposition;

- injuries at labors;

- brain injuries.

In people with normal vision the image is focused on retina. In mope-eyed persons the point of the ideal image is in front of it, and the picture reaches the retina as indistinct. It occurs at diffraction disorder in lens or at elongation of eyeball. At frequent and sustain stress eye muscles stretch the eyeball, its length persistently enlarges.

The mope-eyed person has headaches, the patient quickly gets tired. Peeling of retina is serious complication of myopia. Vision thus sharply decreases, up to a total blindness.

There are three main ways of myopia correction: glasses wearing, contact lenses, surgeries (the advanced method is laser). Lenses and glasses need to be changed regularly therefore it is necessary to visit the oculist.

Surgical treatment is the only way to correct vision and to prevent complications at myopia. The serious progressing myopia requires the prescription of vitamins and medicines stimulating feeding of eye retina.

For myopia prophylaxis it is important to follow rules of hygiene (sufficient lighting, correct position when reading), have a rest in time, to carry out the exercises training eye muscles.