Prophylaxis Of Myopia

About one billion people wear glasses or contact lenses. The main reason of vision problems is myopia. Simple tips can help to prevent the development of this widespread illness.

The correct eyes functioning mode is important. During hard and continuous visual work in constant short distance blinking frequency strongly decreases. The cornea dries up, lacrimal film restores more seldom. Due to this there is a burning sensation, dryness, discomfort. Continuous visual apparatus strain leads to retardation and even stagnation of metabolic processes. Owing to that myopia develops.

Proper lighting is one of important conditions for normal visual activity. Light on a desktop should not be too bright, but also at its lack eyes suffer from excessive strain. The uniform lighting excluding a discomfort at transition of a view from bright subjects to dark is desirable. It is recommended to combine general and local lighting. Absence of differences in lighting is ideally for eyes.

You shouldn’t read in lying position and in transport. During driving eyes are in the continuous movement because of transport vibration in a rough road. When reading in lying position, the same occurs due to heartbeat, breathing, and tremors of arms holding suspended book or magazine. Eye should constantly adapt that leads to fast visual system fatigue.  Distance to the book, newspaper or the magazine should amount 30–40 cm.

It is useful to do visual gymnastics from time to time. The view is alternately transferred first into the distance then to the nose end.