Retinal Separation

The retina covers an eyeball from inside. It perceives light impulses, transforms them in nervous, transferred via optic nerve to brain of the person.

Amotio of eye retina is the most dangerous pathology which requires immediate surgical treatment. Eye injuries, strong myopia, eye surgery, diabetes mellitus and vascular diseases, viral infections and stressful situations can become its cause.

The patient complains of emergence of “veil” or shadow in the section of field of vision. At the movements of head the veil can fluctuate. There can be multiple black points in the field of vision; it testifies hemorrhage into eye vitreous from damaged vessels at retina rupture. The patient sometimes has bright flashes behind his eyes; they appear suddenly, usually in areas close to temple.

Always visual acuity worsens and shapes of visible subjects sometimes are distorted. At fresh retina amotio in the mornings vision improves. The patient thinks that problems are connected to fatigue and does not apply to the doctor. In reality when the patient is sleeping the part of liquid, which has accumulated under retina, resolves. Without treatment retina amotio leads to full loss of vision.

Laser treatment is possible only at treatment of recent retina amotio. In this case procedure is called peripheral preventive laser coagulation. If a lot of time has already passed the real surgery is necessary. It may be carried outside of eyeball or from inside. If the term of retina amotio is not more than one year and the eye sees light well chances of convalescence are great.