Symptoms Of View Disease

Various diseases of view different symptoms, and therefore the symptoms (signs), they are different. In this article, we will talk with you about the most common, non-specific symptoms of eye diseases which, if found, be sure to visit the ophthalmologist.
Thus, the presence of view the disease in humans will necessarily indicate the following symptoms.
1 Feeling clogging eyes. Objectively, when the external examination of the cornea and surfaces century foreign objects can not be observed.
2 Redness protein eyes, burning and itching. Sometimes redness after some time may pass and for ever. And there may be a reverse kartina- first blush forever, and then the red eye concerns.

3 watery eyes or other eye discharge. These symptoms have been reported in conjunctivitis.
4 The restriction of the field of view. This is one of those symptoms that the person is able to first and not notice. This is especially true of people of venerable age. It is especially important to pay attention to violations of the side (peripheral) vision. This symptom is very disturbing and may be indicative of the development you have a disease such as glaucoma.
5 Black flies, sand grains, bubbles, lightning and sparks before the eyes of view the nebula – all this may be the first signs of a serious illness, such as retinal detachment, for example.
6 Acute eye pain. This symptom is also accompanied by glaucoma.
7 The total loss of vision, inability to focus it on a particular subject. It happens that the patient retinal dystrophy straight and level objects appear curved, and, closing one eye, he sees that the object on which he looked before, changed color and size.