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Concrescence of lower and upper eyelids (ankyloblepharon, cryptophthalmus) is congenital pathology at which there are no eyelids and conjunctiva cavity. The ankyloblepharon may be complete or partial; in case of complete the forehead skin immediately passes into cheek skin.

The concrescence of blepharons is referred to congenital defects. The reasons are finally not found out; pathology may arise at radiation or chemicals affected fetus.

Eyeball under the spliced blepharons is motile. At partial concrescence there is opacification and cornea dystrophy that can lead to its ulceration. At complete ankyloblepharon eye appendages are absent: conjunctiva, palpebral cartilages eyelashes, and glands.

Partial ankyloblepharon sometimes is treated conservatively. Artificial tears and gels, ointments with thiamine and antibiotics are applied. If a surgery is required, ankyloblepharon section is carried out without imposing additional sutures, transplantation of mucous and skin grafts.

The full ankyloblepharon is corrected only surgically. the external prosthesis is made consisting of eye prosthesis and artificial appendages. Ekzoprosthesis is fastened to a spectacle frame of the patient or with special glue to his skin. Full plasty of conjunctive cavity is carried out using mucous grafts from the patient’s lips. The eye prosthesis is inserted into the created cavity, and it should be replaced regularly.