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Trachoma is an infectious disease. It is caused by chlamydia, special microorganisms and intracellular parasites. 400 million people have trachoma. It is met usually in overpopulated areas with lack of sanitary conditions. Trachoma is transmitted through the polluted arms and common subjects. An important role is played by flies.

At trachoma follicles and tumescence are formed on conjunctiva inevitable for typical trachoma is development of cicatrices in conjunctiva. After transformation of follicles into cicatrices the disease comes to the end. Trachoma affects only eyes mucosa and is not met on other mucosa or in animals.

Trachoma begins with hardly noticeable mucous or purulent discharges. It can be followed by itch, lacrimation, photophobia, edema of blepharons. Process is bilateral, most of all is shown on conjunctiva of upper eyelid, sometimes exists for years without cicatrization. Then there are juicy blisters reminding raspberry, certain cicatrices on conjunctiva. In this stage patients are most infectious; the over ripe blisters easily break and contents flow outside. Gradually the inflammation decreases and the cicatrization grows. Sometimes there are exacerbations.

Inflammatory process at trachoma affects cornea. Growing of vessels into it leads to serious consequences: the patient loses vision. Because of cicatrization there is entropion of blepharons and incorrect eyelashes growth. Plaintive glands can be lost and humidification of eyes is broken.

Trachoma is treated with antibiotics and Sulfanilamide. Continuous and intermittent methods of treatment are applied. Locally ointments with antibiotics are prescribed. They are rubbed in within month and a half.