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Hordeolum treatment

Usually hordeolum externum is treated conservatively, hordeolum internum requires surgery.

Antibiotics are used at hordeolum. The preference is given to antibacterial drops. Sulfanilamide which is also an excellent prophylactic at different inflammations in the eyes (a blepharitis, conjunctivitis) is related to them.

One more anti-infective medicine is a solution of erythromycin or penicillin. At intolerance of antibiotics of penicillin group they are replaced with gentamycin. 1% solution of these medicines is instilled in both eyes. At initial stage of development of disease the instillations are carried out each three hours. For treatment of hordeolum the drops with levomycetin possessing a broad spectrum of activity are considered effective drops. Perfect reputation acquired the antibiotics of the last generation of containing the active ingredient tobramycin including into group of aminoglycosides.

At hordeolum it is necessary to instill drops in conjunctive bag, not on eyeball. Also ointments are recommended to use. It isn’t so convenient to use them but ointment does not spread and quickly interacts with microbial flora at the expense of a dense consistence. At hordeolum tetracycline, erythromycin and hydrocortisone ointments are usually prescribed.

Antibacterial gels are applied easier than ointments.

Gel is also imposed directly on a lower eyelid, not taking into account hordeolum localization.

Treatment at a hospital is recommended at the multiple centers of hordeolum or internal hordeolum. At severe course surgery is required. Hordeolum is opened; the cavity is drained with antiseptics. Local anesthesia is used. Course of antibiotics is prescribed to the patient after surgery.