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At trichiasis eyelashes grow inside, touching eyeball that causes irritation that leads to damage of cornea. In the patient the spastic stricture of blepharons and photophobia are expressed. He often blinks and closes eyes tightly that provokes more serious cornea lesion.

The trichiasis needs to be distinguished from entropion. Case history is considered, find out the existence of injuries in the past, burns, chronic inflammations. edges of eyelids are examined under a microscope and the direction of eyelashes growth is defined. Pigments are used at researches for more exact diagnostics.

The set of methods is developed for treatment of trichiasis. By means of surgery wrong eyelashes growth is eliminated. There are various approaches:

1. Epilation is the most widespread but ineffective method of trichiasis treatment. Long epilation which is carried out monthly thins eyelashes. They lose pigment and hardly succumb to other methods of treatment.

2. Diathermy-coagulation is shown only at excision of separate eyelashes. It is carried out by a needle electrode along eyelash to its bulb. It is inexpedient to delete many eyelashes by means of diathermy coagulation. If some area of blepharon edge was removed, some months later a diathermy coagulation of the remained eyelashes is carried out.

3. Argon-laser coagulation is carried out on the separate eyelashes growing incorrectly. It is carried out from a hair outlet to skin or mucous in the direction of its growth. Then antiseptic ointments or drops are prescribed.

4. The most effective method at extensive trichiasis is a through resection of part of blepharon part with rapprochement of edges and a layer-by-layer closure. Restoration of rear edge of eyelid by means of transplantation of mucous flap from patient’s lip is sometimes prescribed.