The Causes Of View Diseases

Both the symptoms and the causes of view disease are different. Often the cause of view the disease serves one primary, and the remaining causes of complement and reinforce the course of the disease. Consider the most common causes of eye diseases.
1 Heredity. Here we should note the importance of a variety of factors. Thus, when Rh incompatibility of mother and fetus, unborn child is in the probability of having such diseases view as microphthalmia, cataracts, and some others. Late maternal age (over 35 years) can also cause ocular abnormalities in the disease Chondrodystrophy, for example. Considerable importance to have abnormalities of chromosomes of germ cells the child’s parents. During pregnancy, a woman may experience intrauterine hormonal changes also have an impact on the further development and health of the child. Including a sectional view.

2 Stress. This is the reason many of acquired diseases of view. Stress can be psychological, and perhaps physical. Thus, the active work at the computer, reading in poor light, the constant focus of view tense on one thing – too stressful for the body, only physical. Among the diseases, the cause of which can act as stress – nearsightedness and even blindness.
3 Infectious Diseases. When these diseases conjunctiva is often affected by bacteria or viruses. May experience redness, burning, itching, feeling the presence of a foreign object (such as sand), etc. The most common disease caused by a virus, there is conjunctivitis.
4 Injuries to the head or eyes immediately. In such cases, occurrence of view the disease is destined to the patient with little probability of 80%.