The Importance Of Healthy Vision

Modern production with its dynamic, high-speed, complex, and an abundance of fine details, a continuous stream of visual and auditory signals makes high demands on the human body, especially to his nervous system and sense organs.
You can select a profession in which visual activity plays a leading role. And it is very important to adapt working conditions to the possibilities of the human visual system, most of these opportunities in a particular labor process, on the one hand, improve its efficiency, and on the other, eliminate the negative impact on eyesight.
Eye the most mobile of all the organs of the human body. He makes constant motion even when at rest apparent when we look closely at an object. Small eye movements, or as they are called micro-movements that can be registered only with the help of special devices, play a significant role in visual perception. Necessary to make eye is fixed (it is also possible to using ingenious devices) as the object in question becomes indistinguishable.
We make well-marked eye movement-turns, eyes shifting from one subject to another, follow moving objects, reduce eye when approaching the subject.
All these amazingly accurate joint motion carried 12 small eye muscles 6 for each eye. They start at the back of the orbit and attached to the outer surface of the eyeball.
No less important are the internal, accommodative, muscle of the eye. Most of all she tenses with visual work at close range.
State of the eye muscles is largely determined by visual capacity. Therefore industrial gymnastics eye is important, not less than ‘general exercise.