View Disease Prevention

At a frantic pace of today’s scientific and technological progress (computer equipment, chemical industry), vision increasingly tends to be the manifestation of various diseases. The health of our eyes in the first place depends on us. And if we can not influence the negative factors to our eyes, then reduce this negative impact with the appropriate precautions we can.
So, the basic rules of prevention of diseases of view the following:
- Limit, time spent watching TV, the computer, the games in the mobile phone, and if you still got to watch a movie, try to stay at a distance as far possible, but not closer than two feet from the TV and at least 70 cm. From the computer;

- The workplace should be well publicized. If you are right handed, the light source should be on your left if left-handed – right. The distance from the lamp to the documents or books that are running must be at least 50 cm .;
- Do not eat and do not abuse a variety of drinks before bedtime. This will help avoid the “bags” under the eyes;
- Never read the press, but if they come from – make sure that the opinion went on to read the text of perpendicular, and the light above his head covered only a book or magazine;
- At least once every two to three days, rinse eyes strong black tea or water extracts of linden and chamomile. This will help relieve redness, swelling, which almost inevitably formed in the evening after work;
- Scroll to a day 3 times for 10 minutes to perform the exercises for the eyes. Methodology can be found in the latest relevant books or on the Internet.
And remember, if you do not, no one can help you in the fight for healthy vision!